Professional Translations, Proofreading, Editorial Services, Interpreting

WordBoss has highly qualified translators, proofreaders and editors in place to cover our fields of expertise and each of our key performance areas. Besides a university degree, many of our co-workers contribute additional qualifications to accomplishing their mission - for example practical experience gained in the industrial and/or research sector. We compose an expert team for each assignment, which is determined by the combination of languages and the expertise required. In order to guarantee top quality, staff members at WordBoss, as a matter of principle, translate and proofread into / in their native language only.

Editorial Services/Proofreading

Thanks to our team of highly qualified linguists we are in a position to carry out your assignments as thoroughly as possible.

We already reviewed hundreds of documents in English and Danish as well as many other languages.

For example, our team can process the contents of books, articles, magazines, presentations, websites, operating instructions, PR material and the like to review respectively improve spelling, punctuation, style, syntax, vocabulary and logical structure.

Languages covered

We translate into and edit drafts in any language.

Interpreting Danish<>German

Alongside managing the client relationship on a personal basis, Dr. Malene Stein Poulsen, owner and foundress of WordBoss, focuses on providing translation and interpreter services into and from the Danish language.

Stable economic conditions, well-performing corporations, high purchasing power and geographic proximity - these are key factors which render Denmark an attractive target for investors.

Perfect knowledge of the Danish language and culture is a must for successful communication with stakeholders of the economic and financial sectors.

Dr. Poulsen has been appointed a publicly sworn interpreter and translator for the Danish language by the Regional Court Hannover and the Higher Regional Court Hamm. Her know-how and her experience are in demand in a variety of fields throughout Germany.

Since her appointment in 1998, Dr. Poulsen has been working successfully in the business domain, the judicial system, for public authorities and last not least for a great number of private clients.


WordBoss offers translations in the in the areas of law and economics, technology, science, medicine, marketing & public relations, including websites. Of course, we are serving private clients and public institutions as well.

We place great emphasis on the fact that the translations provided by us further highlight the quality of your products and the significance of your communication.

You may take the continuous high quality of translations, rapid and smooth handling of your assignments as well as fair pricing for granted.

Professional translations require a special degree in accuracy, thoroughness, reliability in terminology and language proficiency.

In order to meet the demanding expectations on professional translators, WordBoss employs experienced state-approved respectively court-authorised specialists who possess appropriate linguistic as well as economic know-how.

Your assignments are handled only by native translators who are knowledgeable in the area of expertise concerned.

WordBoss operates on the four-eyes-principle, which means that any translation done by one translator is going through final inspection by another specialist.