Reasonably priced professional translations

The qualified and highly skilled WordBoss team members ensure that your corporate communication is translated fast and accurately.

Our office offers reasonably priced performance at the highest level. WordBoss works on a fully transparent basis, always meeting agreed deadlines and schedules. Choose WordBoss and be rest-assured that you will get your translations in time. 
Our terms are part of the price list, and if you have any questions about that, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or phone.


English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian 1.15 €
Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch and all other European languages 1.30 €
Arabic, Persian 1.90 €
Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese 2.45 €
Prices per line; a standard line = 55 keystrokes incl. blank spaces
Minimum assignment per language 30.00 €
Minimum assignment Far-Eastern languages 65.00 €
Proofreading, editorial/consulting editor services, European languages / per hour 60.00 €
Certification 20.00 €

Other languages and combinations upon inquiry

Standard formats for EDP: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF

Other formats at extra charge

All prices are net, plus 19% German VAT

Prime translations meeting supreme expectations

Texts to be published – for example business reports, websites or marketing material – must meet very special expectations. It is appropriate here to involve an independent consulting editor in addition to the specialist translator in order to have the texts reviewed beyond the normal limits of proofreading/editing, in particular for style and content. During such „final processing“ changes and amendments can be made, subject to your consent, of course, that will put the finishing touch on your communication. 
Especially branding texts need fine-tuning: it is frequently expedient to disentangle the tenor of the target language from the wording of the original text. Following the source text too closely could turn out to sound stiff and be sparsely appealing to the target reader. Our adaption will adjust the text to be translated in a topical, stylistic and technical manner that will fit the meaning in the target language – and nevertheless reproduce the content of your original draft. 
We will be happy to advise you on prime translations and find the supreme solution to meet your expectations.

Interpreter services Danish<>German

Besides translations into any common foreign languages our professional translation agency offers another service performance: Dr. Malene Stein Poulsen, foundress and owner of WordBoss, provides interpreter services into and from the Danish language.

Just get in contact with us and ask for an individual quotation.

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